Insight Teacher

My intention is to live an awakened life – a life that expresses itself with wisdom, compassion and integrity. I have a passion for the truth and an ongoing inquiry about what supports real transformation, healing and liberation. The spiritual compass of my life is to cultivate the qualities of the wise and boundless heart – love, compassion, joy and inner peace. I value authentic harmonious, caring relationships and choose to find sustainable ways to live on this precious green planet.

Subhana Barzaghi has been dedicated to a meditative and engaged spiritual life of inquiry since first encountering Buddhism in India in 1974. Christopher Titmuss invited Subhana to teach in the early 1990’s and she co-taught numerous silent retreats and Dharma Gatherings with him annually for 20 years.

Subhana founded and built the Kuan Yin Meditation Centre Inc., in Lismore in 1997. After moving to Sydney she & Victor Von-Heyde established Blue Gum Sangha in 2001. Subhana is a guiding teacher for the Insight meditation teacher’s community in Australia and New Zealand, Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Blue Gum Sangha, Southern Insight NZ and Melbourne Insight Group.

It gives Subhana great joy to guide people along their spiritual path. She is a creative and inspirational teacher and draws from the Buddha’s teachings on the four foundations of mindfulness, open awareness practices, cultivating the boundless heart and enquiry into emptiness and liberation.

Insight (Vipassana) practice provides key meditative tools to observe life from a place of calmness and stillness in order to see clearly into the nature of reality. With mindfulness, the spirit inquiry and guided by the wise and compassionate teachings of the Buddha dharma one can investigate the whole mind body experience from a place of awareness and liberate oneself from the causes of suffering. Insight practice cultivates contentment, loving embodied presence, equanimity and a deep sense of inter-connection with all of life.

Insight retreats welcome beginners and seasoned practitioners. The schedule consists of: sitting and walking meditation, open dharma inquiry sessions, guided meditation instructions, dharma talks, yoga or movement practices, nourishing vegetarian meals, personal interviews, small group meetings with the teacher.

Subhana leads 3 or 4 intensive silent meditation retreats each year in Byron Bay, Sydney and Victoria and also leads the Dharma Gatherings for Southern Insight in the South Island of N.Z.

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Upcoming Retreats: 2024