Heart-Mind Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision


Education and Professional Background

I am a qualified psychotherapist with 25 years of experience.
B.A.Soc.Sci, Masters App.Psychotherapy. Graduate in Hakomi Integrative

Trainer for Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Inc.
Clinical Supervisor.

I have been employed as a counsellor / social worker in the Heath Department for more than 10 years in the demanding position of a Sexual Assault Counsellor for Lismore Base Hospital and generalist counsellor for the Lismore and District Women’s Health Centre.

As well as working within the Health Department, I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for the last 20 years. I am a clinical member of several professional associations:- A.I.W.C.W.A., Hakomi Psychotherapy Association, Aust. Buddhist Counsellors & Psychotherapists Inc. I have a private practice in Mosman, Sydney.

Hakomi Integrative Psychology

Hakomi therapy includes both the mind and body in therapy, the body holds, memories, impulses and information and the fullness of feeling. Hakomi therapy helps to change and transform our ‘core material’ which is at the very heart of our self-identity. This core material is composed of memories, images, beliefs, neutral patterns, deeply held emotional dispositions, learned behaviour and postures that define us as individuals.

Therapeutic Style & Training

My counselling style draws from a range of approaches and techniques which will depend on the nature of the presenting issues and the personality and needs of the client.

I offer a non-directive, empathic, client-centred approach to counselling and have specific training in cognitive behavioural techniques, a narrative approach, inner child work, and Jungian based Sandtray and Art therapy.

I have designed and led a series of 8-week therapeutic groups programs for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, victims of domestic violence, women and eating disorders and stress management groups. I have experience working with a wide range of people. Some people come to see for specific issues such as:

  • Overcoming worry and anxiety
  • Guidance in stress management
  • Emotional support for bereavement and loss
  • Chronic fatigue, burn-out and depression
  • Domestic violence and abuse of power
  • Eating disorders, weight and body image Issues related to childhood
  • Sexual/ physical and emotional abuse
  • Self-esteem, assertiveness, self-acceptance and valuing oneself
  • Guidance in overcoming sexual dysfunction
  • Assistance in vocational dilemmas

I offer couple counselling for:

  • Couples who seek to enhance and deepen the intimacy of their relationship
  • To heal the rifts and entrenched patterns that obscure intimacy
  • To negotiate a safe passage for separation or divorce
  • Pre-marriage counselling

Others come to see me for a more general, personal development work such as:

  • Meditation and spiritual counselling
  • Support for health and lifestyle changes
  • To live a more meaningful existence with greater vitality and presence
  • Professional supervision


The foundation of the “Heart – Mind” Counselling Practice is its philosophy. “Heart- Mind” is an expression used frequently in Asian countries, which emphasises a more holistic understanding of the nature of mind, which includes an emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness.

A holistic perspective recognises that each aspect of the mind, body and spirit is interconnected and each aspect impacts on all other aspects.

I feel passionate about the therapeutic process as an agent of change, healing and transformation. I am committed to this work because I find it very rewarding and inspiring to see people recover, heal and move on in their lives.

One of my primary goals as a therapist is to provide a safe, supportive environment for the client/therapist relationship.

A large part of our recovery and personal growth occurs in an atmosphere of trust, empathy and unconditional positive regard. This allows the wounded aspects of the self, to be shared, understood, overcome or transformed.

I believe to be a accomplished therapist, the therapist must not only have a sound knowledge base and training but must also draw from their direct personal experience of healing and transformation through a deep therapeutic relationship. I am committed to my own personal and spiritual growth and have ongoing professional training.

I chose the name “Heart – Mind” counselling because it also reflects a spiritual dimension and perspective that I bring to the inner healing work. Spiritual development is based in practices of calmness, presence, insight and awareness. I have been a Buddhist meditation practitioner for over 20 years and find this a great source of renewal, calmness and wisdom in my life.

I am a qualified Zen Buddhist and Vipassana meditation teacher and lead intensive meditation retreats throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Clinical Supervision

Subhana provides individual clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists who provide therapy in a wide range of therapeutic environments and who have training in various therapeutic backgrounds. Subhana is a qualified clinical supervisor for AABCAP – Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists and registered under PACFA.

Consultation days & times

Tuesdays on-line: 9am — 6pm

For inquiries and appointments:

Mobile: 0414 605 226

Fees for Psychotherapy & Supervision

Individual 1 hr session – $170

Upcoming Retreats: 2024

PACFA Reg. Clinical 26083